This was my first book of ra online casino paypal job! I did work, however, for one summer, as a bus boy when I was fourteen at Puccini’s Italian restaurant in Vancouver. Then after a twenty-five year hiatus from the industry I turned to my wife Marilynne one day and said: “Let’s sell our house and move to the Sunshine Coast, I want to open up an Italian restaurant!”

What are you still waiting for, go immediately to now is the time to start playing and winning! The idea was perfect! Marilynne could move back home to the coast and Dino would spend all their hard-earned money investing in building a restaurant from scratch. Yes, we both were a little crazy but it proves what you can accomplish when two people have a common goal and passion. That was back in 1995 and neither one of us would change a thing if we had to do it all over again.

Great community, great place to raise our children and great decision overall because I simply love what I do.

Born and raised in the east end of Vancouver to an Italian father and a German mother I learned most of my cooking skills by hosting weekend dinner parties for friends and family. Carefully watching my father prepare meals was my main college course in culinary expertise. Dad became the family cook after mom went back to work at the bakery. Dad started out with the good-old TV dinners but quite soon he was whipping up some pretty good basic Italian grub.

My mother’s father, Adolf Prinz, was German and a renowned European sausage maker. He was the creator of Prinz’s European Delicatessen on Robson. (Ask any old-time Vancouverites if they remember Prinz’s back in the 1960’s and they’ll have fond memories of the store at 1024 Robsonstrasse.) My Nana ran the front counter and Grampa and his crew made every type of salami, sausages and smoked meat you could imagine. The sausage making is in my blood and to this day I butcher our own fresh pork and create a very personalized Italian sausage recipe that we serve here, today at Sita’s. What we do is simple…when you love doing something, it never feels like work at all!